Wall panelling

Interior wall panelling (sometimes referred to as ‘cladding’) is a very effective way of adding a point of difference in your home or business, offering warmth and sophistication.

We most commonly supply and install architectural bamboo panelling (see below) and the easycraft range of panels. With a variety of styles and the ability to finish them in colour of your choice, your options really are almost endless.

Bamboo wall panels

We’re partnered with WA’s only supplier of the bamboo “S-Panel” to bring you the finest architectural design bamboo products for your home or business.

The ultra premium quality of our bamboo wall panels along with our level of workmanship combines perfectly to give you the beautiful finish you desire. And with the added benefit of bamboo being the world’s most sustainable building material, not only does it look special, it also makes you feel special.

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This low profile design with long straight lines immediately grabs your attention and holds it as you admire the natural variations in the bamboo. It’s the perfect choice for lining walls and ceilings inside your home creating a feature that shows off your TV or art as well as your own style.

You can even take advantage of its hard-wearing nature and create a talking point in your outside entertaining areas by seamlessly cladding your less-interesting brick walls, ceilings and Colorbond fences. Being a natural material it still requires some care but not as much as a normal timber and really depends on its exposure to the elements. Generally speaking, you’ll have about 50% of the maintenance of other more common timbers.

When you add to the already long list of benefits of this bamboo panelling the fact it’s also 100% vermin and termite proof, you can rest assured you’re investing in a product that will stand the test of time (and nature).

easycraft wall panels

Coming in all shapes, sizes and styles, the easycraft range of wall panelling is sure to have an option to suit your taste. From the classic EasyVJ vertical grooves (shown below) to the contemporary geometric patterns and even the option to install some of the designs in wet areas, you really can’t go wrong with the easycraft range when you’re looking for your new wall panels.

So whether you’re looking to add warmth and sophistication to the interior or exterior of your home or business, we have just the solution for you in our large and growing range of wall panel products.

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